About me

After graduating from the Foreign Language Education Department at Bogazici University (Istanbul/Turkey), I started working as an English teacher in grades 3 and 4 at a private school in Istanbul. While I was teaching there, my interest in educational technology began to grow and I started my MA in EdTech & TESOL with the University of Manchester. It was a 3-year online program which helped me realise that online learning was a very practical and effective way of learning. It was my second year in the program when I decided to quit teaching and went for a change in my career. I switched to online education and started working as the Education Coordinator at Universiteplus- an online learning platform through which skill-based and university-accredited online certificate programs are offered. I worked on online learning projects for 2 years. Meanwhile, I completed my dissertation on learners’ continuance intention behaviour in e-learning.  I currently work for Bilge-İs Project, Capacity Development of Employees and Employers via Information and Communication Technologies, as a quality assurance expert and online tutor.

I believe in the transformational impact of technology on learning & teaching both in K-12 and higher education and it is inevitable that digital transformation will continue to revolutionise teaching practices across all levels. I share my knowledge and experience related to aspects of online learning and teaching on platforms like  eLearning Industry and Medium, which you can also follow for more articles.

I am thrilled to exchange ideas about e-learning and EdTech and would be very happy to collaborate on new e-learning projects. You can contact me at didemyesil1@gmail.com.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi, fingers crossed this blog is still active. I’m intrigued to find out why you decided to study a MA with a TESOL element & not just go for a MA in EdTech. I’m currently researching online MA’s in EdTech but struggling to decide what the benefits are of inc TESOL. Does inc a TESOL open other doors?


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